Enabling solutions:

the functions

the people

the processes

the systems

the communications

the budgets

the timeframes

needed to make change happen
Rather than just plan incremental improvements on the status quo, we help clients to use ...
"Directional Planning"
clearly define the ideal end-points
compare with today
plot how best to get from here to there
.... with optimum resources
.... and timing: what needs to be in place when?
.... with appropriate management systems, processes and control

"Enabling solutions" are practical solutions to make change happen in the way that you need it to ...

We help clients to work out "where they need to be and how best to get there" with detailed plans and timeframes.
We also help to work out the optimum blend of internal and external resources to deliver the strategic change and ensure long-term success. Interim executives can play an important strategic role.
Our unique processes and methodology help clients to plan, enable and facilitate change at critical times. Prosequence enablers have the hands-on experience to help produce plans that can be implemented - and then we help you to implement them.
Different people and skills will be needed at different stages - internal reallocation of resources is often advised, with additional ad hoc experience and resources, as needed
services - how we can help

P r o s e q u e n c e - enablers of change - a network of experienced executives to help you solve complex issues, define solutions and make change happen - fast