resource planning
Prosequence enablers - experienced executives with top-level management experience (in-house, consulting and as interim management) - help clients to plan and deploy the right blend of internal and external resources to deliver each phase of strategic projects.
Enabling solutions:

the functions

the people

the processes

the systems

the communications

We help clients determine the best business solutions for them: the optimum balance of resources between :

the budgets

the timeframes

permanent staff
needed to make change happen
interim executives - including temporary reallocation of permanent staff resource planning
outside suppliers and agency
joint venture or outsourced operations

Today's streamlined organisations tend to use
permanent staff to run the core business,
outsource non-core activities
and call on specialist resources (such as offered by Prosequence enablers)
to plan and deliver strategic change.
services - how we can help

P r o s e q u e n c e - enablers of change - helping you to solve complex issues, define solutions and make change happen - fast